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1/20 scale model car kit Mercedes AMG F1 W10 AM03-0006

       The core design concept of the Mercedes W10 racing car is to increase the downforce at the rear of the car, especially at low speed, although this means an increase in wind resistance. Although the Mercedes racing car is designed with a long wheelbase, it has the fastest slow turning speed. High downforce is an important reason, and it has made up for the shortcomings of many years. The lower arm of W10 is changed from the integral type of W09 to the design of two independent connecting rods, and two ball joints are used to connect with the wheel knuckle. The track rod rod is combined with the rear link of the lower arm, but is independent of the front link of the lower arm. Therefore, the new rear suspension design of W10 can no longer be called Z-one (the lower swing arm and the track rod can be Z-shaped).

        Alpha Model recommends a fantastic racing car——AMG F1 W10! This car is used by Mercedes-Benz in the 2019 F1 World Championship. It is not only handsome and dazzling, but also an excellent combination of power and performance. Whether you are a car fan who pursues speed and passion, or appreciates excellent craftsmanship and technology, AMG F1 W10 will bring you endless surprises and fun. 

Our Unique Advantage

1.The scale model car kit

       At Alpha Models we focus exclusively on sports cars, race cars and super cars. Our goal is to provide highly accurate and superbly detailed precision 1/20 scale model car kits.

2.Photo-etch detail parts and decal sheets

       Our kits include a large number of highly detailed photo-etch parts and decals, carefully and patiently crafted, to provide the very best product possible.


       We work hard to ensure that each kit has an exceptionally highly level of accuracy, constantly referencing the real car. At Alpha Models we strive to achieve the most accurate representation of the subject. 


       Each kit uses the finest resin material to minimize any shrinkage issues, making the final product as realistic as possible .

5.After Sales Customer Service

       We provide an excellent supplementary parts service, so that if you run into trouble with your build, we are here to help.

1/20 scale model car Kit information

         If you enjoy build car models, then you'll be thrilled with this 1/20 scale model car kit of the Mercedes AMG F1 W10. This1/20 scale model car kit includes all the necessary components to create a highly detailed replica of the car. This 1/20 scale model car kit lithographically detailed parts for a realistic interior, resin wheels with rubber tires, and acetate and vacuum formed glass parts, this kit offers a true-to-life representation of the Mercedes  AMG F1 W10. Additionally, photo-etched detail parts and decals are included to add the finishing touches to your model. Get ready to showcase your build car models skills with this amazing kit!


  •          Exact replica of the model Mercedes AMG F1 W10. Includes resin car body parts, photo-ethed detail parts, and more                                    Photo-ethed detail parts makes the model more realistic.


                                            resin car body parts give your car sharper lines and a more polished finish.                                                                            Metal wheels and rubber tires make the vehicle more textured


                                     We have unique decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect                                                     Car data is accurate referring to the size of the real car

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