1/24 Scale Model Car Kit BMW M3 G80-Alpha Model

1/24 scale model car kit BMW M3 G80 AM02-0035

   As the most classic performance vehicle under BMW, BMW has chosen to integrate the latest family-style design style into the new M3. Among them, the most striking is the large double-kidney grille running through the front face, which has an angle almost perpendicular to the front face and has a strong visual impact. Above the grille, the extended lines form the bulge of the front engine compartment cover, and are equipped with the design of the air guide slot; At the lower part of the front face, the large lower air inlet with large opening, together with the air guide slot and air knife on both sides, also looks very sporty. On the side of the car body, the new BMW M3, as a four-door three-compartment sedan, maintains the overall style of the BMW 3-series, but as a performance model, the new car has a larger size of wheel rim and wide-body kit.

  •   Today I would like to recommend a car model kit that is absolutely not to be missed: the 1/24 scale model of BMW M3 G82! This model car perfectly presents the elegance and passion of the latest generation of BMW M3, both in terms of body lines and details. Whether you are a car fan or a model collector, this car model will bring you absolute visual enjoyment and manual fun. Let's explore together!

    Our unique advantages

  • Design and detail upgrades, full firepower
  • BMW M3 G82 is the masterpiece of the new-generation M series, based on the 7th-generation 3 Series. And this 1/24 scale model car perfectly reproduces every detail of its exterior design and interior craftsmanship, making people feel like they are in a real car. From the large-mouth grille on the front face to the sharp LED headlights, to the body kit made of carbon fiber materials, every detail reflects the manufacturer's intentions. In addition, the interior decoration, seats, dashboard and other elements of the model car have also been carefully designed and produced, making the whole model more realistic and making people want to experience the fun of real driving for themselves!

  • Power system modification, play fast and furious
  • M3 G82 is not only impressive in appearance, its powerful power system is also exciting. And this 1/24 scale model car is no exception. The manufacturer has given more details and playability in the engine compartment of the model car. Not only can you see the detailed engine details, but you can also simulate the modification process to make the model car more personalized. In addition, the chassis and suspension system of the model car are designed very carefully, so that the model can truly show the handling and sense of speed of a sports car!

  • DIY model building to customize your own BMW M3
  • If you like the fun of DIY toys or models, then this 1/24 scale model car is not to be missed! Its assembly process takes some patience and skill, but that's part of its charm. You can assemble every part from scratch and experience the joy of building your own BMW M3. Moreover, it can also be customized according to personal preferences, such as changing the wheels, painting other colors or even installing cool stickers, etc., to make the model car unique and show your personality and creativity!

  • 1/24 scale model car Kit information

        The 1/24 scale model car kit allows enthusiasts to build their own replica of the BMW M3 G82. This kit provides all the necessary components and instructions for assembling a detailed and accurate model of the car. Whether for display or as a hobby, building car models can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for automotive enthusiasts.


  •                   Exact replica of the model BMW M3. Includes resin car body parts, photo-ethed detail parts, and more                                                   Photo-ethed detail parts makes the model more realistic.


                                            resin car body parts give your car sharper lines and a more polished finish.                                                                            Metal wheels and rubber tires make the vehicle more textured


                                     We have unique decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect                                                                            Car data is accurate referring to the size of the real car                                        

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