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/24 scale model car kit  Ferrari SF90 Stradale AM02-0042 

        SF90 Stradale was launched in 2019, causing a great sensation in the industry. It is not only because it has the same name as the Ferrari F1, but also because it has opened a new chapter in the supercar, and has crushed all competitors in performance, even in front of LaFerrari. As for the performance of this car, fans have already known it well: 1000 horsepower power output, 0-100 km/h only takes 2.5 seconds, 0-200 km/h only takes 6.7 seconds... the lap speed of the race track is also faster than LaFerrari.

  •       The Alpha Model Ferrari  1/24 Scale Model Car Kit SF90 Stradale kit is a highly detailed replica of one of Ferrari's most remarkable build car models creations. The SF90 Stradale stands out as Ferrari's first plug-in hybrid supercar, blending impressive performance with sustainability. Its futuristic design elements and technological advancements have build car models it a dream car for many automotive enthusiasts.

  • Our Unique Advantage

  • 1.The scale model car kit
  • At Alpha Models we focus exclusively on sports cars, race cars and super cars. Our goal is to provide highly accurate and superbly detailed precision 1/24 scale model car kits.
  • 2.Photo-etch detail parts and decal sheets
  • Our kits include a large number of highly detailed photo-etch parts and decals, carefully and patiently crafted, to provide the very best product possible.
  • 3.Accuracy
  • We work hard to ensure that each kit has an exceptionally highly level of accuracy, constantly referencing the real car. At Alpha Models we strive to achieve the most accurate representation of the subject. 
  • 4.Materials
  • Each kit uses the finest resin material to minimize any shrinkage issues, making the final product as realistic as possible .
  • 5.After Sales Customer Service
  • We provide an excellent supplementary parts service, so that if you run into trouble with your build, we are here to help.

  • 1/24 scale model car Kit information

  •   why not embark on a new journey with Alpha Model's 1/24 scale model car kit? Build your dream car, introduce yourself to the world of miniature replica craftsmanship, and witness the beauty of automotive engineering in the comfort of your own home. Build car models!


                   Exact replica of the model Ferrari SF90. Includes resin car body parts, photo-ethed detail parts, and more                                                   Photo-ethed detail parts makes the model more realistic.


                                            resin car body parts give your car sharper lines and a more polished finish.                                                                            Metal wheels and rubber tires make the vehicle more textured


                                     We have unique decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect                                                                            Car data is accurate referring to the size of the real car

  • S   All-resin models give your car sharper lines and a more polished finish.   2.The combination of metal parts and resin parts makes the model more realistic.
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