1/24 Ferrari 488 Pista

The 3d models with which we started are made from a 3D scanner, 3D resin kits for 1/24 Ferrari 488 Pista

Resin car model kits for 1/24 scale, High quality model kits.


.Full resin car body parts. Body rear parts breakdown closely follows that of the actual car for super realism. Taillights are clear parts.

.Resin car body parts, resin Dashboard, Racing seat. All resin parts. 

. Decals which are inspired by the 1/24 Ferrari 488 Pista

.PE detail parts. Include all Brake, wheels and more detail parts 

.resin wheels and tyre. 

.Instruction for build this kits, How to build


How to build resin car model kits, Teach you how to do.

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